Speed & Flexibility

FitFoot360 has a comprehensive set of clinical tools and shapes that can be used to replay ideas you have stored on a new patient.
This captures good practice but ensures the deisgn workflow is quick. Anything is possible, from at-risk feet that need to be accommodated, to sports people that need to be supported or enhanced, to children with biomechanical issues that need to be corrected.

Any Type of Custom Device

FitFoot360 has a complete suite of clinical design tools that can be used to create & store your knowledge, your design ideas and your branding. 

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our priority is to provide a solution which is focused upon patient outcome


you can create 3/4 & full foot designs in rigid & soft materials by carving, printing or moulding


you will create and store your own ideas and reuse them for future patient designs


picking up FIT360 products  is easy. We provide you with an eLearning space & online training upon request

One Solution

all your workflows are covered under a simple suite of Design & Make tools

No Stress

we insist upon a free evaluation period & we have no contractual lock-ins

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We can demonstrate online how our solutions will work within your business. 

All you need to do is contact us to tell us a little bit about your requirements and we will do the rest.

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Clinics are now designing their own devices

Learn about how FIT360 are connecting clinics to labs worldwide

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Meet our Advocates

FIT360 always confer with clincal experts to ensure our software stays focused on clinical outcomes 

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