Additive Manufacturing

Creating Printable Insoles

Combining medical control with simple modelling tools to make your own clinically viable designs

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Clinical Control with Design Flexibility

New technology is only useful to Foot Health practitioners if it enhances patient outcomes for a sensible price. 

By adding variable stiffness in rigid devices or by adding softer or stiffer zones in single material flexible devices, 3D Printing offers more control and removes 90% of manual post processing tasks, like trimming or grinding.

Soft & Rigid Material Printing

FitPrint360 can be used to design rigid shells & full foot soft custom insoles to be printed in PA11, PA12, TPU, resins & even colour Nylon.

Fitprint360 Stories

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Colour 3D printing as a new dimension to fully custom, clinically viable devices 

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Did you know...
FDM printers can be used for making high quality soft material insoles

Users can identify regions in FitFoot360 and export them as separate modifier models for slicing software to use to create variable infill zones. 
Printer path generation for the main body of the insole and infill is then efficient and quick.

Is printing in soft materials sensible?

Having variable geometry zones in insoles opens up lots of new opportunities; but is using FDM and powder printing sensible and viable? We have added the tools to try, but it is up to our user community to decide whether these types of device make sense to their business and their patients.

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