FIT360 Ltd is a software company specialising in creating products to exactly fit a person and their needs (custom products).

Our aim is to put powerful, accurate and paperless custom orthotic insole design technology in the hands of all clinical and sports practitioners worldwide. We want to enable our partner Labs (Hubs) to grow their user base by introducing new FIT360 users with valuable skills (eg a print facility) to their business when appropriate.

In summary we are building a network of Lab partners and Practitioners who are focused on improving Patient outcomes.

We always try to be environmentally responsible

How are we ensuring we are environmentally responsible?

We try to be environmentally responsible company by reducing our carbon footprints as much as we can. 
We are paperless & do not ship physical goods. We do not keep inventory and we only accept digital documents from our customers, service providers and suppliers​.

What else are we doing?

  • All employees work from home & hotdesk (no extra office to heat)
  • We run all electric company cars
  • We demo and teach online only (reducing travel)
  • All our services and products are digital & available anywhere