Machining custom insoles

Toolpath Creation

A software solution for carving full foot and 3/4 length insoles or positive moulds.

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Speed & Flexibility

Our CAM toolset includes direct or positive milling, double sided machining. We utilise the power of multi-threading & parallel processing to process engineering grade toolpaths quickly.

Soft & Rigid Material Carving

FitMill360 will generate optimal toolpaths for direct milling insoles in rigid materials like PP and softer materials like EVA & PU.

Fitmill360 Stories

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High Quality Toolpaths

FitMill360 is built upon an industrial CAM engine, using the same strategies for machining that automative and aerospace companies use to manufacture high precision tooling and parts. 

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Carving EVA & PU 

FitMill360 can be configured to work with any CNC router (carver) that has an open controller. 
Whether you are machining sheets of material or single pair blocks, FitMill360 can be configured to create optimal tool paths for your machine.

Video courtesy of Pacific Orthotic Lab - Speed = x2