Creating custom insoles

Rapid Workflows

A solution for populating FitFoot360 with your clinic data, removing duplicate data entry

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One Source

Use digital prescription and scan data captured at the clinic to drive designs in FitFoot360. Remove human error created by retyping information you already have

Faster Design

No duplicate data entry ensures that your valuable designers are not wasting time renentering data from the clinic. Cut your design times dramatically

Eco Friendly

Everything is digital, removing the need to post or recieve anything physical. Information is stored digitally for as long as it is needed

Speed & Flexibility

By capturing data intelligently and controlling your stored prescriptions you can drive workflows within FitFoot360 in seconds,
This will never (and should never) remove the need for the expertise of designers but may give you a large increase in design throughput without recruiting new expertise.

No Human Error

By capturing prescription and anatomical data once, in the clinic, you remove the potential for any typo's & misinterpretation in the design process. This will reduce 'returns' to a minimum 


Data is entered once only at the clinic, removing human error when manually re-entering data 


You can quickly create & drive multiple workflows from a single stored prescription


Attach scan files to your digital prescription form, removing the risk of mismatching scans to patients


FitFlow360 removes the need to enter data twice & import scans manually, dramatically shrinking design times 

Cost Saving

You skilled designers are not wasting expensive time on entering data already entered at the clinic

No Stress

we insist upon a free evaluation period & we have no contractual lock-ins

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